Saturday, 30 April 2016

One Photo, 20 words...

Cassandra is really enjoying her football - think the pink boots help!

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

One photo, 20 words

Love this awesome lady loads!

Renewal of Promise

As as dedicated and commited Scout leader, Cassandra, Alexander and I all turned out in full uniform for Sunday's Renewal of Promise for Southend West District.

 Sue and I had fun parading down to the church
 Cassandra and I demonstrating "jazz hands"!
 So smart :)

We even all got a piece of cake!


Time does indeed fly...

So, another of my beastie's is another year older...  Not sure I'm enjoying this getting older lark...

Cassandra, my darling girlie is now the grand old age of 7...
 Still loves her baby dolls (a "New Generation" one this year)
 Still loves her brothers?!
And definately loves her new pogo stick!
This year Cassandra had said that she wanted to have a gymnastics party, so her and 30 other children all went over to the Basildon Sporting Village to have some fun, actually on her birthday on Saturday.

LOVE my little monkey loads!

 I'm assured by numerous other parents that they all had a brilliant time.  Happy days!


Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Time for a change...

I've been trying to grow my hair out for months now and despite getting someway there, I've just had enough of it.  Soooo, today I spent a good few hours in Finishing Touches Hair Salon at Coockoo Corner and to say I'm pleased with the results is an understatement...

  The new me!


Sunday, 17 April 2016

Bobbing about on the water!

Alexander has never been into sports - in any way whatsoever.
 He has however, always liked "messing around on the river"!
So today, he and I went over to Two Tree Island and under guidance from a qualified and experienced 'sailor'/instructor, we went out onto the water and learned to kayak!

It was a lovely day, albeit a tad cold towards the end of the afternoon, but both Alex and I had a great time and he will be awarded 'Time on the Water' and 'Paddle Sports II' at Scouts tomorrow.

Happy days!


Football turns pink!

Well my darling girl has decided that she wants to go back to playing football.  So this time around we've enrolled her into Leigh Ramblers over at Len Forge of a Saturday morning.
To mark this occassion, we bought her some new football boots - PINK!!!!
She had a great time playing with the boys!


One Photo, 20 Words

Captain, Goal Scorer and Man of the Match - that's my AWESOME boy!