Monday, 23 May 2016

One photo, 20 words...

The joys of being the coach's wife...

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Mud, mud, glorious mud...

Further to taking part last year, the beasties went for it again at the weekend - Nuclear Rookies Mud Run, held at Kelvedon, Brentwood.
Only this year, after telling her friend all about it, Cassandra's bud Millie decided that she wanted to do it too!

So then it was the boy's turn....

 So much fun and so so proud of all of them.


Friday, 6 May 2016

Feeling old...

Alexander turned 12 on Wednesday and I have to say it's the first time that I've actually thought about the fact that not only are my beasties getting older, but I am too...

Alex has been finding it a little tough to concentrate on doing his ever growing amount of homework with Nicholas and Cassandra around him, so Lee and I bought him a laptop - to say he was pleased is an understatement!
 After school, we had the Nan's come over and a mini tea party ensued..

 With chocolate cake of course...

Happy happy birthday young man... love you to the moon and beyond.


Saturday, 30 April 2016

One Photo, 20 words...

Cassandra is really enjoying her football - think the pink boots help!

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

One photo, 20 words

Love this awesome lady loads!

Renewal of Promise

As as dedicated and commited Scout leader, Cassandra, Alexander and I all turned out in full uniform for Sunday's Renewal of Promise for Southend West District.

 Sue and I had fun parading down to the church
 Cassandra and I demonstrating "jazz hands"!
 So smart :)

We even all got a piece of cake!


Time does indeed fly...

So, another of my beastie's is another year older...  Not sure I'm enjoying this getting older lark...

Cassandra, my darling girlie is now the grand old age of 7...
 Still loves her baby dolls (a "New Generation" one this year)
 Still loves her brothers?!
And definately loves her new pogo stick!
This year Cassandra had said that she wanted to have a gymnastics party, so her and 30 other children all went over to the Basildon Sporting Village to have some fun, actually on her birthday on Saturday.

LOVE my little monkey loads!

 I'm assured by numerous other parents that they all had a brilliant time.  Happy days!