Monday, 5 September 2016


So after what seems like forever, my 3 wonderful beasties went back at school today.
We always try to take a different picture each year, and Lee came up with Roman Numerals for this year's photo opportunity.
Despite Alex being apprehensive about going back, he went off quite happily into Yr8 - keen to find out who is new Form Teacher will be..
This is the last year that both Nicholas and Cassandra will be at the same school as Nicholas in Yr6 will leave in the summer to go on to better things at Eastwood with his brother.
As for my little lady, she's excited about being Yr3 and in Key Stage 2 now - big person's playground!

I got quite emotional this morning.  Hope they all have an AWESOME day.


Saturday, 3 September 2016

School Summer Hols - Week 6

So, the final week... Monday was Bank Holiday and we had a BBQ - all cooked by Alexander of course with our good friends Stu & Xuan and their daughter Amanda.
Tuesday saw Alex and Nicholas taking part in and completing their Bikeability Level 3!
Wednesday, courtesy of Mum, we all went over to Rochford to Fantasia's Circus and it was brilliant - some of the performers are amazing...
Alex spent Thursday morning windsurfing with his bud Hayden and in the afternoon, I took all the beasties to Base Jump to bounce off some energy!
Friday was the day all the kids had a check up at the dentist, got a haircut, we picked up Alex's Blazer for school from the Dry cleaners (I've only had 7 weeks to get it done in), got last minute school stuff and then the boys had SOS swimming.  Cassandra doesn't start back until next week, so she and I sat and watched Pirates snuggled on the sofa.

I can honestly say that these holidays (all 7 weeks of them for us) have been the best yet (bar this week, think they really all had had enough of each other).  Who knows, next year may be even better?!


School Summer Hols - Week 5

I'm a little late in posting for week 5 as it's almost the end of week 6, but anyway...

Didn't really seem to do much the week we got back from the Lake District (probably too knackered) but we had friends over on the Monday and it was great as Jo, my friend has 3 kids too, all the same sexes and ages as mine, so everyone has someone to play with!

Tuesday saw Cassie riding again with Millie and then I took both the girls over to the park with me as Nicholas had a 1:1 goalkeeping session with his awesome footie coach - Jon Eckett of First Response Goalkeeping.
Alexander has been trying for ages to get anyone he knows to get into Warhammer with him and I think he's finally encouraged Matthew to do so, to today I dropped both boys off in town to allow Matthew to see if he enjoys it and to game for a bit in Games Workshop.  Whilst the boys were there, I took Nicholas and Cassandra to the cinema to see Swallows & Amazons - loved it, brought back memories of when I used to watch the series on TV!
Thursday was kind of nondescript, Friday Nicholas had his football day at Len Forge with Ramblers and Alex went off to Louis' for a sleepover.
Saturday saw us down with the in-laws making the trip back via Ikea to buy a new desk for Alex!
And Sunday Cassandra had her second skiing lesson at the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead in readiness for our ski trip next year, so she's at the same level as her friend Millie.  She rocked it, already on level 3!!!

Sunday, 21 August 2016

One photo, 20 words

Love the fact that Cassandra can get pleasure out of so many different activities!


Saturday, 20 August 2016

Summer Hols - Week 4: Lake District

Having spent 8 hours driving up on the Friday, we planned to fill our days with hikes, walks, photography and views - and that's exactly what we did.

Saturday saw us hiking to Bowder Stone and then we went to Honister Pass and visited the slate mines there.

 Stopping off at High Spout Waterfall on the way back.
Cassie's boots were hurting her, so her and I never made it to the top of Lattrig which is a shame, but Lee and Alex went on..
 Nicholas and Cassie were knackered!
 A good soak in our tub was in order to soothe tired legs!
 Sunday saw us all at Lowther Castle and Gardens

And also at Red Pitt, Kirkstone Pass
and finally Castlerigg Stone Circle.
I was amazed we all (mainly me) made it to the top of Catbells on Monday, but felt very proud afterwards!

 Aira Force was first on the list on Tuesday
 Alex did so enjoy the rock climbing bits!
We then all hoped aboard a Steamer and ventured down Ullswater from Glenridding to Pooley Bridge, where we found yet another tea rooms that offered refreshments and yummy cake!

Unfortunately on Wednesday, Alexander wasn't feeling too well and threw up a few times, so I stayed at the cottage with him and Cassie whilst Lee and Nicholas ventured off to Thirlmere for a hike around Derwent water.
After lunch Alex felt better so we drove over to see Ashness Bridge
 And then carried on to Surprise View.
Our last day on Thursday saw us hiking Post Knot
 AND Brant Fell.
 with a bit of tree climbing thrown in too.
We spent the afternoon at the National Trust's Wray Castle - getting into the spirit of things!

I have to admit that whilst I wasn't particularly looking forward to hiking around (laying by the pool is so much more my thing) all week, I quite enjoyed myself and the kids had a great time.

You never know, we may yet, go back again!

Summer Hols - Week 3

Well, week 3 has been and gone and it was quite an uneventful one to be honest.

My car had a serious oil leak so I was without it for nearly 3 days which was most inconvenient as the kids all had some activity to attend at some time.  All 3 missed their tennis session that I had them booked into as Alex's bike had a flat tyre and we were running late on the Monday.  One good thing that happened though, was Nicholas' new Arsenal keeper kit arrived!
Bless Mum's soul as she came over to collect Alex for his cookery session at Waitrose on the Tuesday, keeping him for a sleepover too.  Millie spent the day with us after her and Cassandra's horse riding lesson. Nicholas spent most of the day watching TV and gaming and that left me to get on with some study..
I finally got the car back on Wednesday in time to make it over to Garrons for a fun swim with Alex's scuba diving bud Hayden.

That afternoon saw us all (including Mum) watching Finding Dory at the cinema.  Not as good as Finding Nemo, but enjoyable nevertheless.
Thursday saw Cassandra cooking giant cookies at Waitrose and me, Alex and Cassie having great seats at the Palace Theatre to see the Summer Youth Production of Oliver!  Was indeed a brilliant show and Alex is quite keen to join in next year.
Friday we were off to the Lake District and after 8 long hours, we finally made it!


Monday, 8 August 2016


I do so love a good wedding and after getting back in touch with my biological Father a few years ago now, and building relations with my half brother, Michael, Saturday saw us all over in Surrey as guests at his and Lorraine's big day.

My gorgeous girl was one of the SEVEN bridesmaid and a real cutie she looked too.

Walking down the aisle with her cousins Joe and Katie (My half sister Wendy's kids)

  Mr and Mrs Christmas!
 The cake was a HUGE hit with the kids!!
Ken and I.

The sun shone and it was a lovely day.